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    What is Ghosts' biggest multiplayer addition

    Soldier customization - Ghosts' biggest multiplayer addition where are a ton of unlockable faces, uniforms, weapons, and streaks to choose from, and which you could spend hours tinkering with. The breadth is staggering and a bit overwhelming at first. Perks, weapons, and streaks are no longer automatically unlocked when you reach a level threshold--you purchase them by earning squad points. Unless you're a veteran player and know exactly how you want to outfit your character, you'll be doing some guesswork and experimentation, which can slow down your progress. On the other hand, with the huge number of options, you can truly create a soldier that works exactly how you want him or her (you can choose to play as a female soldier!) to function. Want to make a demolition class with extra grenades, an underbarrel grenade launcher, and increased explosive damage?

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    Multiplayer also includes new game modes: Most notably Cranked and Blitz. Cranked is team deathmatch with a twist. Every time you get a kill, you have 30 seconds to kill again before you self destruct. It sounds like a blast, in theory, but I rarely felt any pressing immediacy to score a kill--either I found an enemy right away (resetting the timer) or got killed myself with plenty of time to spare, negating the rush-to-avoid-exploding concept entirely. Blitz was the most entertaining new mode. It's like running a gauntlet as every player attempts to move through the opposing team's defenses to reach the goal on the other side of the map. Because any player on a team can score, it's like playing a game of cat and mouse where you're both the cat and the mouse all at once. Good times.

    Outside the multiplayer, you can also play with your friends in co-op. Infinity Ward has broken the co-op into two different modes: Squads and Extinction. Squads allows you to create a group of AI soldiers and play alongside them in various team vs. team and cooperative modes. While the concept of building your squad to challenge your friends sounds intriguing, it really just boils down to: you're really just playing multiplayer matches with bots. Even Ghosts' Safeguard horde mode (another co-op mode in Squads), which pits players against waves of mindless, gun-toting enemies, is bland, especially compared to the thrill of fighting an army of enemies in the previous games' Spec Ops co-op.

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