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    What are the best weapons in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

    * Pytaek – Light Machine Gun – Unlocked Level 1

    The Pytaek - an enigma of a weapon! Not only is it a fully automatic machine gun but it also reduces it's recoil over time! It looks like the call of duty franchise has finally introduced a weapon that has an element of realism in it. Easily the best Light machine gun in Advanced Warfare.

    Supply Drop Variants

    ▪ Loophole [Elite] (Magazine Capacity +2, Accuracy +1, Handling -3)
    ▪ Exploit [Elite] (Range +3, Accuracy -1, Fire Rate -1, Magazine Capacity -1)

    * Tac –19 – Shotgun – Unlocked Level 1

    The Tac-19 is the first shot gun that you get your hands on in Advanced Warfare and it is a beauty! Pump-action directed energy weapon. Best in class mobility.

    Supply Drop Variants

    ▪ Bang Stick [Elite] (Fire Rate +1, Handling +1, Mobility +1, Range -2, Accuracy -1)
    ▪ Sledgehammer [Elite] (Accuracy +2, Magazine Capacity +1, Handling -1, Mobility -1)

    * SN6 – SubMachine Gun – Unlocked Level 24

    The SN6 is the most accurate sub machine gun in the call of duty advanced warfare universe. Fully automatic. First three rounds of burst fire faster. Best in class accuracy.

    Supply Drop Variants

    ▪ Money [Elite] (Accuracy +1, Range +1, Reserve Magazines +1, Handling -1, Mobility -2)
    ▪ The Third [Elite] (Range +2, Damage +1, Mobility -3)

    * MP11 – Submachine Gun – Unlocked Level 1

    The MP11 is a 32 round automatic weapon with a moderately low recoil and high fire rate. This makes it an excellent weapon in close combat.

    Supply Drop Variants

    ▪ Goliath [Elite] (Damage +3, Handling -3)
    ▪ Squeaker [Elite] (Integrated Red Dot Sight, Fire Rate +2, Accuracy -2)

    * AK-12 – Assault Rifle – Unlocked Level 1

    The AK-12 is a great gun at pretty much any range and it's for this reason that Assault rifles dominate our top ten list. Fully automatic. Increased damage with an improved design for less recoil.

    Supply Drop Variants

    ▪ Finger Trap [Elite] (Handling +3, No Attachments Allowed, Ghosts style iron sights)
    ▪ R.I.P. [Elite] (Accuracy +2, Damage +1, Magazine Capacity -2, Mobility -1)

    * HBRa3 – Assault Rifle – Unlocked Level 20

    The HBRa3 is a strong and very well balanced assault rifle with medium damage and pretty low recoil.

    Supply Drop Variants

    ▪ Insanity [Elite] (Fire Rate +2, Damage +1, Handling -1, no optical attachments)
    ▪ Bear Fist [Elite] (Integrated Red Dot Sight, Handling +2, Accuracy -1, Range -1)

    * Bal-27 – Assault Rifle – Unlocked Level 1

    What a weapon the Bal-27 is! All over the Internet in official forums and even on Reddit, we have asked gamers what the best weapon in Call of Duty: Advanced warfare is and you have spoken. Fully automatic. Fires faster over time. Best in class fire rate.

    Supply Drop Variants

    ▪ Obsidian Steed [Elite] (Damage +2, Mobility +1, Accuracy -1, Fire Rate -1, Handling -1)
    ▪ Inferno [Elite] (Handling +2, Fire Rate +1, Mobility -3)

    Do your best weapons make the list? If not, what your opinion about best weapons in COD: Advanced Warfare? Please leave a comment on our FACEBOOK PAGE

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