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    Tips for Call of Juarez: The Cartel

    Thanks a lot for the great job made by poetic_justice_ from PlaystationTrophies Forum. He shared some useful tips to play Call of Juarez: The Cartel well. Okay, let's go with it.

    LOAD SETUP: Always put a pistol with a high clip count as your primary handgun (10 rounds or more). This makes a big difference during team entry, as some rooms have six enemies or more during the slo-mo scene.Rio Bravo: Play as Ben McCall. He can reload revolvers in one motion (Kim and Eddie load the bullets one by one: slowpokes!)

    Driving Lessons (10 Roadkills): No need to boost it. On the level where you are chasing Alvarez and Mendoza in the yellow SUV (after the cemetery/funeral level), there will be at least four men you can hit with minimal effort. You will obtain this during your three playthroughs, or simply Restart Checkpoint.

    F.R.A.G.S. No need to boost it. Once in the fort tunnels, you will come to a section where five goons are clustered together in a narrow tunnel. You should be able to take out all five with one grenade.

    Do you feel lucky, punk? Play Hard as Ben McCall. The revolvers are usually one shot, one kill, and he can reload them the quickest.

    Did you see that? Always use an LMG with Concentration Mode when fighting helicopters (except for the chopper in the Mendoza Hacienda fight - see thread). You will take down the choppers much quicker and with less damage to you.

    Drive-by: Chapter 6 offers multiple enemies at close range for your firing pleasure. This is one I had to focus on while soloing, even with the three playthroughs. As others have said, if you explode the SUV, the kills do not count as drive-bys, because they are explosive kills. Just make sure not to hit any civilians in chapter 6, or if you do, Restart Checkpoint.

    Clean Shot: See the trophy guide for excellent level breakdown. The most problematic level for me was Chapter 8: Disco. I finally got this on my third playthrough on Easy. Just wait until someone starts shooting, then run up and melee him in the face. You cannot melee civilians (I tried; they can only be shot), so the civvies are safe from your attacks. Also, during Team Entry, if you place your crosshairs on someone and it turns red, shoot. If crosshairs turn green, they are a civilian. Also, be careful not to run over any civilians while pursuing vehicles. I know, the civilians are stupid and will go onto their knees in the middle of the street. Just go slow, back up if needed, and go around them. It's easy to accidentally clip one. Turn off the dialogue, and if you hear a bump, you hit someone. Restart Checkpoint.

    Ladder Goat: It is very small and gray. It is under the bush on the fort level after you come down the wooden ramp. See the guide for a youtube video, or google Ladder Goat Juarez Cartel if your computer has issues loading video (mine does).

    So do you also have some tips for this game? Please share them on our FACEBOOK PAGE.

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