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    Gameplay in Football Manager 2015

    Gameplay in Football Manager 2015 is largely the same as it has been in previous iterations of the Football manager series. Players don't actually take part in the game of Football, rather they arrange a squad and train it, pay it and largely control a small economy that influences who can afford which player and when. The general idea of the game is to build a football team that out performs previous teams in order to win.

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    Despite being quite similar to Football Manager 2014, the game does have a list of new features that change the gameplay in subtle, yet noticeable ways.These new features include:

    Upgraded 3D Animation – Tweaks have been made to the Match-Day Engine to give the game a much more realistic look. Animations have been entirely recreated and replaced with motion captured actions for a better sense of realism.

    Redesigned Navigation Screens – Developers have overhauled the menu screens to ensure that all the games features are easy to locate and access. This includes a new slide in sidebar that will appear on the left hand portion of the screen. Drop down menu’s have also been scaled down to reduce clutter.

    Customisable Manager Builds – You can decide how your Manager will work. Will he be a hands on manager that takes to the pitch in a tracksuit alongside the team, or will he be a tactical manager that wears a suit and sticks to the tactical aspects of the game. Leaving the physicality to the squad.

    Scouting System Tweaks – The scouting system in the game has been massively overhauled, it's now easer to find your newest players. Your scouts will also recommend the best possible replacements for your squad. You can even search for players that are unhappy with their current club, offering you the opportunity to take them on.

    Promising Importance – Making a deal or promise with a player and saying that you will give them a contract that lasts a certain amount of time is an important matter, it's been given its own dedicated page to keep a track of all your promises and contracts.

    Media Tweaks – The papers and media alike will all be getting tweaked, this means more questions and more tactical enquiries on the part of journalists will help expand the game and make it that little bit more realistic.

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