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    Dead Space 3 Characters List

    Isaac Clarke - The main character and protagonist of the game. Isaac has been a survivor of both the Aegis VII and the Titan Station Incident. After destroying the Site 12 Marker, Isaac escaped with resident Ellie Langford. Within the three years after the incident, they developed a romantic relationship but separated due to Isaac's refusal to help Ellie in combating the Markers. Ellie left to pursue a solution to the Marker crisis while Isaac remained on the New Horizons Lunar Colony, only to be called back by Cpt. Norton and Sgt. Carver who retrieve him to rescue Ellie. Isaac then is brought to Tau Volantis to rescue Ellie and discover the true meaning behind the Markers.

    John Carver - Sergeant John Carver is the secondary main character and protagonist to Isaac Clarke. Carver was recruited by Captain Norton when his home planet Uxor was infested by Necromorphs after Jacob Danik released the Marker there. Carver lost his wife Damara and son Dylan in the incident and joins Ellie's Marker team along with Norton to stop the Markers once and for all. When Ellie traces the Marker signal back to Tau Volantis, he and Norton are sent to recruit Isaac for the mission. During the events of the game, he is responsible for protecting the group, namely Isaac. While reaching closer to the Markers, Carver begins to have hallucinations of his son and wife that are both are part of his guilt and the Markers. Like Isaac's ordeals with the hallucinations of Nicole Brennan, he must overcome them and realize that it was not his fault, and whatever he is seeing is not there.

    Ellie Langford - Ellie was one of the survivors of the Titan Station incident and rescued Isaac before the station was destroyed. Her eye was replaced after its removal by Nolan Stross, but she still had her ambition to stop the Markers that have now spread to every major colony. Ellie leaves due to Isaac's refusal, leaving her on her own to stop the Markers. While on the planet Uxor, she develops a relationship with Captain Robert Norton. The two, along with Sgt. John Carver, witness the Necromorph infestation of the planet. Ellie eventually traces the source of the Marker's signal and power to Tau Volantis, which she believes is the Marker home world, and sends Norton to recruit Isaac for the mission. During the events of the game, Ellie attempts to stop the tension between Norton and Isaac involving their relationship with her and while trying to stop the Markers.

    Jacob Arthur Danik - Danik is the primary antagonist of the game. He is the leader of the Inner Circle, a radical group of the Church of Unitology. He, along with his followers, believe that EarthGov has committed heresy by replicating the Markers and using them for their own ends. His form of protest is rioting and releasing the Marker signals to commence a Necromorph outbreak among the colonies in which the Markers are placed. Danik and his men follow Norton's group back from the planet Uxor and to the New Horizons Lunar Colony. Danik discovers that Norton is after Isaac Clarke. The Inner Circle now views Clarke as a heretic for 'killing' the Aegis VII and Titan Station Markers and now want him dead. Danik will follow Isaac and the group throughout the game's events, and send his armed men out to kill him. His primary motivation, aside from killing Clarke, is to liberate the Markers and commence Convergence.

    Robert Norton - Captain Robert Norton is the commander of EarthGov's USM Eudora. Norton was present on the planet Uxor when the infestation occurred. There, he recruited Carver and developed a strong, romantic relationship for Ellie. He agrees to join her team in an attempt to stop the Markers. When tracing the signal of the Markers back to Tau Volantis, Ellie left for the planet. Before going dark and sending an S.O.S., Ellie requires Isaac on the mission because of his abilities involving the Markers and to translate a script her team found. Norton recruits Isaac and brings him to Tau Volantis. His ambitions during the events in the game are personal and do not involve the Markers. Also, he develops a disliking for Isaac because of his own jealousy over Isaac and Elle's past, leading Norton to believe that all of Isaac's actions are for Ellie.

    Jennifer Santos - Jennifer Santos is an engineer like Isaac but focuses more on the logistics of the Marker signals. Santos assisted Ellie in tracking the Marker signal to Tau Volantis and joined Ellie's Marker Ops team. Santos traveled with Ellie and their friend, Austin Buckell, from Keyhole Station to Tau Volantis before losing contact with Norton. Santos' role on Tau Volantis is helping decode cryptic messages, triangulating Marker signals, and finding a solution to end the Marker epidemic.

    Austin Buckell - Austin Buckell is a military veteran and part of Ellie's Marker Ops team, having extensive knowledge on the Markers and the Sovereign Colonies. He, along with his friend, Jennifer Santos, were at Keyhole Station during the Uxor infestation when they met Ellie and joined her Marker Ops team. Austin along with Ellie and Santos, Buckell travelled to Tau Volantis where they eventually lost contact. Buckell's role is to provide information regarding the functions of the Sovereign Colonies Armed Forces who created the abandoned settlement on Tau Volantis, as well as the Markers.

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