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    Dead Rising 3 makes you fun with its silliness

    Dead Rising 3 is a game that just wants you to have fun. It revels in its silliness, even when it's being serious.

    The city of Los Perdidos, a fictional riff on Los Angeles, has a serious zombie problem. Everywhere you look they're there, shuffling, shambling, and groaning. So it's a good thing you have over 300 objects to hit them with. Dead Rising's thing has always been its vast array of deadly, and silly, weapons, and the third game has taken this idea to new extremes.

    You play as Nick Ramos, a mechanic who finds himself trapped in Los Perdidos with a group of other survivors. The government will be dropping a bomb on the city in five days, and you have to escape before they do. Dead Rising's other thing is giving you a time limit, but this is the most generous one yet—which actually works against it.

    There was a real sense of urgency in the first two games, but Nick is comparatively time rich. You have plenty of time to explore the city, completing side quests, rescuing survivors, and hunting for weapons. The time pressure has taken such a back seat that the game feels like any number of other open world games, complete with uninspiring fetch quests and arbitrary collectables.

    But back to hitting zombies. This is what makes Dead Rising special. Every weapon feels different, whether you're carving through the hordes with a chainsaw, lopping heads off with a broadsword, or mowing them down with a minigun. The sheer number of ways to massacre and toy with the zombies is impressive, and it always feels great thanks to the tactile, weighty combat.

    Los Perdidos is, although smaller than a lot of open world settings, a pleasantly rich space. A huge amount of buildings can be entered, and their detailed interiors all contain unique weapons. Realism is not in Dead Rising's vocabulary, and there's a shop that inexplicably sells swords, axes, knives, and scythes. My face lit up when I found that place, for obvious reasons.

    To make up for the increased size of the world, vehicles are littered generously around the map, including sports cars, bikes, vans, and, brilliantly, steamrollers. Nick, being a mechanic, can combine vehicles to create new, more deadly ones, like sticking the front of a steamroller onto a motorcycle. The combo weapon system is back too, allowing you to tape otherwise innocuous objects together to create monstrous, slapstick weapons.

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