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    Arma 3 tips for Beginners

    Thanks a lot for the awesome work made by Nibashe from mgtrolls forum. He has wrote some tips for our players about how to enjoy the game. Just see what are his suggestion:

    Before you find yourself a helicopter, learn how to fly it by starting up arma 3, click on Play ---> virtual.

    Depending on your control layout, you either have to press i or t to loot trashpiles, bins, sandbags, crates or other types of lootables.

    After you kill a sapper, be sure to loot him as well. They can drop a kilo of weed or a gold bar. Each of these sell for 100 krypto at a vendor.

    When confronted with a sapper, it is quite difficult to shoot him. Either wait for him to stand still or run straight at the sapper. When you are very close to him, immediately run away as this will trigger the explosion of the sapper and it is easy to run away from it with very minor damage or no damage whatsoever.

    When you see a base and you do not like the person AND you know where you can find his or her frequency jammer, blow it up and place your own in a location that can not be accessed and is a legal location to place the thing. Voila, the base is now yours.

    When having a lockbox, please wait between 10 seconds and 2 minutes for it to open after you press unlock. It takes time.

    To place a lockbox, use night vision goggles or to build anything, you need energy. You can obtain energy by driving a vehicle, stand under wind turbines or eat an energy pack. Energy packs are also mandatory for using your multigun. A multigun can be used to heal another player with the heal player attachment, revive another player with the revive player attachment or to repair vehicles with the repair vehicle attachment.

    Backpacks are mostly found in trashpiles. The biggest backpack ingame would be the carryall backpack.

    Carrier rigs can carry more things than tactical vests.

    When you find a locked vehicle and you manage to unlock it, always check the inventory. Most of the time you will find a weapon and some drinks.

    When exiting a vehicle, always lock it. Even if you just need to run for a minute. If someone manages to shoot you, it will take 45 minutes for the car to unlock AFTER a player tries to unlock it.

    Do not park vehicles at spawn areas as they will unlock upon reset of the server.

    Zombies are triggered by killing a person, drones are triggered by randomly looting something.

    When looting a gun with magazines, ALWAYS loot the magazines first. There is a bug which makes your first magazine despawn when you loot the gun first in some occasions which is a waste.

    The longer you stay alive, the more stamina you will build up. This will allow you to run longer distances. Always carry drinks and food with you.

    To check your stats (see if you're hungry, thirsty, bleeding, are in pain etc,) press the tilde key. Normally its on the left of your number 1 key looking like ~

    To heal yourself you need first aid kits.

    If you soiled yourself too much you need to use wet towels to clean yourself you dirty bastard.

    The easiest way to gear up is to shoot another player, however is it also the most dangerous. Be patient, stay ouf of sight and look for your opportunity.

    It is weak to shoot people that run straight out of the spawn area and do not carry any gear. However if you engage into a firefight with a geared player close to the spawn area and you see fresh spawns going for that gear, it is perfectly fine to shoot them. Ignore people calling you spawnkiller at that point as they have no idea how to play or might just be frustrated.

    When you die you lose 100 krypto. Some people now say it is 50. Even when you have 0 krypto, it will still be taking out of your bank.

    To see your balance, bank krypto or transfer krypto, go to an atm (cashpoint) or phonebooth and press your loot key. This will bring up a screen where you can do all of this.

    When you kill a player, check for a little pda looking device (if you don't know what a PDA is, just think of a smartphone looking thing). This is his krypto. You can loot it and bank it or use it to buy more things.

    Last but not least, do not cry when you get shot. It is not difficult to find some new gear.

    Get Arma 3 Steam Standard Edition CD-Key to enjoy this game.

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